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Alexander Drake Building

Park. Work. Enjoy the view.

If you're looking for downtown office space in Bend, don't forget parking. Because a
classy corner office isn't worth much if there's no place to put your car.

In the Alexander Drake Building you get 360-degree views, 33,000 square feet of
space, and 100 of the most valuable parking places in downtown Bend.

Forget about dodging the meter police. In the Alexander Drake Building you'll
always have convenient, free parking for your staff and your clients. And it's just
steps away from Minnesota Avenue downtown. You'll love it during those popular
summer events.

Available Office Spaces in Bend:

1st Floor - View PDF Suite 102 available

2nd Floor - View PDF Suite 201 available

3rd Floor - Fully Occupied

4rd Floor - View PDF Fully Occupied


Five large private offices - Large reception area - Full Kitchen - Conference Room.

Perfect office for five to seven people.


Three private offices - Large bullpen area - Conference room.

Perfect office for five to seven people.





How many parking spaces are available?
We have 103 allocated parking spaces.  In addition to the allocated spaces there are 18 City parking spaces available.
Are all the leases long term or can we get a shorter term lease?
All lease terms will be considered.  We will look at the space that you are interested in, and work with you to an acceptable outcome.
What are the typical lease rates?
Again, depending on the space and the term of the lease rates can vary.  We have spaces that start at $1.15 per square foot up to $1.35.
How do your CAMS compare to other Class A office buildings in town?
The Alexander Drake Building is very competitive in it’s CAM’s.  In a recent survey we were well below the average in our CAM rate.  In 2012 we expect the CAM’s to be $.58 per square foot.
Why would I rent in the Alexander Drake Building as opposed to something else downtown?
First, we offer more parking than any other building in downtown Bend hands down.  Second, you can’t make any money if your clients can’t get to you.  That’s never been more important than today.
Is it true everyone that works in the Alexander Drake Building is really cool?
We took a survey amongst everyone that works at the building and surprisingly we won.  JK
Do you have bicycle parking at the building?
I’m glad you asked.  We have arguably the most expensive bike parking in Bend.  A nice covered parking area is located directly in front of the building with multiple areas to lock your bike.   If it’s a long ride to work, we also have showers as well.
Who is the property manager for the building?
Pennbrook is the Property Management company and they are located on site, so if you ever have any questions you can stop in and see Holly (she has a nice dog named Bella, bring a dog biscuit and you get special treatment, for Bella that is, not Holly).
What kind of technology is in the building?
Well it’s a high tech building.  To begin with, we have a RFID scanner at the front door.  Access to a T1 line, along with the cable and phone lines.  Conduit runs throughout the building if some new technology comes around.  The heating system is primarily controlled by state of the art computerized HVAC system.
How do I see the building?
Give either Dave or Holly a call and they’ll take you through the building anytime.
Where do I get more information on the spaces that are available in the building?
Go to officespacebend.com and click "Available Spaces" at the top.

Now's your chance to be downtown.

It's always been a desirable location, but it's never been this affordable. And with
free parking, who wouldn't want to work downtown?

These Class-A view offices are perfect for law firms, financial planners, or
professional services of any kind. Pull in and see for yourself. For a tour, call
Dave Swisher @382-8223 or Holly Polis @617-3451.

The Alexander Drake Building
Park. Work. Enjoy the view.


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250 NW Franklin Ave

Bend, Oregon 97701

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